Thursday, June 2, 2011

Laundry Bag

We have this laundry drop in my husband's parents trailer that we use all the time. But it drives me crazy. It is hidden so nicely and out of the way.

It's a great little basket and in a great spot, but it has the huge gaps in it. These gaps are perfect for letting underwear slip through to the storage compartment below. I really don't like the idea of my father-in-law grabbing the barbecue with my underwear attached to it because it fell through from the last trip. I also don't like reaching in to grab someone else's underwear that used the trailer before us. I don't know, maybe I have an underwear issue.

So, here is my solution. A mesh laundry bag. It works great. Breathable and underwear can't fit through those little holes.

Well, that's what I've sewn this week. I needed to get it done before our next trip this month. Now, I can go to JoAnn's to use my lovely gift card that my son's t-ball team got me. :-) I'm so excited!


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