Tuesday, October 20, 2015

One of those days...

Have you ever had one of those days where everything is just chaos? The alarm goes off and I'm reminded by my husband that I have to work at his office starting 15 minutes before our kids get out of school (it was put in my calendar as am instead of pm so I missed the reminder), so, I ask him to pick up the kids but he scheduled a patient at the same time for an hour appointment. Then, I am scrambling texting people I trust with my kids to take them home. My wonderful friend that does not have a child my youngest's age took both my kids till I could get the little one and kept the other for practice tonight. Then I am realizing that I have appointments all morning and no food, cause I never made it to the store yesterday and I have to take the dog on a walk cause she will be crated all day since my Mr. ended up having appointments all morning also. I wake the kids to tell them to start with cereal for breakfast while my husband is in the shower and we are down to 1 toilet right now we the other 3 of us frantically need to use the bathroom at the same time. Then Mr. C is done with the shower and it's my turn because there will be absolutely no other time today for a shower. I asked him to make the kids eggs so he asks, why can't you (I need a shower) then he asks me how (remember we don't have a kitchen) so, little C finds the skillet we borrowed and then Mr. C tells me the plug won't fit, I tell him to get an extension cord he then asks, "Where?" (He has 5 extension cords in the garage hanging on the wall right in the spot he specifically made for the many extension cords we need). So, I tell him where and by then, I'm done getting ready and make the eggs while I look for something I can actually eat (I can't eat simple carbs or eggs and I can't cook oatmeal without a stove) I realized I don't have any food for me. The kids scrounged together lunches while I just try to get them out on time to walk with the other kids in the neighborhood. It is now past time we are supposed to meet and they are waiting for us. I run out with the dog and tell them to come on now. L appears outside in shoes she can't wear because it's P.E. day, so I tell her to go back in grab her shoes and socks, she can change at the light and I'll carry her other shoes home.s Now Mr. C tells me little C does not have his shoes on, so I just yell grab them and lets go! Another minute goes by, turns out L is making everyone wait while she puts her socks on and they both finally come out running down the street barefoot for one and socks for the other. As we are walking they are putting on shoes and the dog is playing tug-a-war with one of the other kids walking with us as I am trying to calm her down and have her just walk.

It was just one of those days! But... I did get to pick out new granite, I think this is what I will be going with, but I'm not sure yet.

I am taking this opportunity to do a total face lift on my kitchen and having my cabinets done white. So, it will all be worth it in the end!

I also have less holes in my house...

I think tomorrow should be much less crazy. I hope so at least. Little has to finish a project by Thursday that he has hardly worked on and has had a month to do. That should be fun. Nothing like cramming for the last day.


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