Monday, October 19, 2015

The demolition begins!

Today it all begins! The granite came out, back splash, tile and I have no usable kitchen. Here is my entry...

See the kitchen. I get to go look at new granite tomorrow. 

here is my dinning room. This area needs to be cleared out by Thursday.

What a mess! I needed to get some organizing done once the guys left today.

That's better, I have a kitchenette (without a sink) in my living room. I was able to get my hands on a nice electric skillet from a wonderful, generous friend. So, I can still make the kids eggs for breakfast and gluten free pancakes on game days.

The damaged tile started to get removed and we found that there was some previous repairs by the previous owner. Lovely, we had no idea and it just leaked again. Also, it's a big drop beside the crack.

This section that is lighter is where the new cracking was along the edge. Once the tile came out, we saw huge cracks, like this chunk is just sinking. Also, one someone walks on it or stomps, the whole thing moves. just on the other side of the crack, it's solid, no movement.

Some up close of the cracking.

Tomorrow the drywall is getting repaired and a cabinet guy is coming to talk to us about options if I want to take the time to change the color. That will be a huge deciding factor on what I do with the flooring, granite and backsplash. But first, we need to talk to the project manager about this sinking chunk in the kitchen.


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