Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Update on the plumbing mess

Remember this from last week?

After it got it's initial cleaning from the men, this is what it looked like. Fine drywall dust was EVERYWHERE!

We are at a stand still with the work because insurance must approve the next step. That mean's I have plumbing, so I have running water. I can clean again, do laundry in my own machine and cook meals. I can even flush the toilet when ever I want with out running outside to turn the water back on for a few seconds to fill the tank while tons of water leaks under my house.

Anyway, I spent 3 hours Monday cleaning this room and getting most of the dust out of the garage. I used the shop vac on everything, including the cabinets, then wiped the floors with water and then I used my Bona wood floor cleaner. Now it looks like this:

I love walking barefoot on a clean floor. It's a beautiful thing to have floors this clean. It will be clean for a little over a week and it's back to work with my kitchen getting torn out. Tile needs to come out, so cabinets need to come out. Granite is chipped from the work, so that is getting replaced, since the granite is getting replaced, they have to replace the backsplash. Also, since the granite is getting replace, I will take advantage of the new granite and get a sink and stove top that works for me. Yay!

I may have clean floors, but my counters are not as happy. It is ridiculous to try to wash a big pot in this little tiny garbage disposal side of the sink. Silly design. I am going to have just one big sink, none of this 2 separate sides.

It's hard to tell in this picture, but the front burners are a little toward the middle which makes it so a big pot can not fit on the back and leave the front 2 burners useable. I have a 5 burner stove, but I can only use about 3 burners at a time unless all my pots or sauce pans are tiny. I will be taking my pans shopping with me.

Work is supposed to start October 19th. So, until then, I get to cook, make lotion and deodorant in my kitchen. Maybe I will get a little project in. We will see.

If you want a great wood floor cleaner that is easy to use, this is what I use. There is also one for natural stone that I use on my travertine.


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  1. Yay for a better stove top! Seeing all this is making me miss you and your family. You and your hospitality were such a blessing to us in a difficult time.