Friday, February 18, 2011

Boppy Cover

I have a friend who got an adorable oversized boppy for her baby shower with her first child. It was very soft and very girly. The only problem was it wasn't a cover so it wasn't removable and it was bigger the than normal boppy's. So, now that that little girl is 5 years old and she is on her 3rd child which happens to be a boy, she is ready for a new cover for that boppy.

You can see the once cute pink, plush boppy is now quite faded and not so cute. It's ready for a cover.

I took my lovely pattern paper (newspaper) and traced the shape. 

The original boppy was made in 3 pieces, 2 in the shape of the boppy and 1 little wedge piece at the top of it connecting the 2.

Then I laid my pieces on top of the fabric to make sure they fit right and had enough seam allowance. I couldn't just unstitch the old cover because it was just stuffed. I didn't want the new one to be lumpy so we decided on re-covering. I made sure there was plenty of seem allowance because I could take it in after I tried the fit, but if it was too small, I'd have to start all over with expensive fabric. Then I cut out the fabric from my pattern pieces.

Last, I sewed it all together.

I love the way it turned out. It looks so fresh and clean. Good as new. She just had to take it home and whipstitch (I think that's what it's called) the last little opening. I would have opted for a zipper if it were me because I will do anything not to sew by hand. It's just so tedious. Now the boppy is done a month before that little boy is ready to arrive.

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  1. Awesome, Kristen! I could use this one for sure and I love the snack bags too!!

  2. Great idea! I definitely will keep this in mind so I can make personalized covers for mine.