Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Easy Bed Spread

As I've mentioned before, my son is very picky. He likes things very specific and he is very sensitive to textures. He has been wanting a blanket like his sister's that is silky on one side and soft on the other. I wanted to make him a new blanket for his bed because I never really liked what was on there. It was this very basic sports print.

The old comforter was very big, thick and bulky. It didn't tuck into his bed well, so it never looked quite right. When C kept asking for this blanket, I decided I would see what fabric's I had on hand. I would cut up his old comforter and add some soft stuff to it then put silky on the back. So I found brown minky, brown teady bear stuff and went to JoAnns for the rest. There I got a flannel and blue super soft fleece. For the back I got satin. 

I'm not a big fan of quilt making, cutting all those tiny squares is just tedious to me, so I decided I would do great big squares. C liked to feel the soft squares so I figured he would like that better anyway.

I put all the squares together randomly, well, I tried to make them look random, but I put thought into it so the same fabrics wouldn't be next to eachother and this is what I came up with.

It's perfect and it fits perfect on his bed. I didn't line it with anything because C tends to sleep very hot and it's light enough that he can make his own bed. C loves rubbing his hands on the different squares. He has is favorite fabric that has changed a time or two. 

I also didn't put a binding on the edge because he didn't want one. So, to put the top and bottom together, I just sewed right sides together, left an opening, flipped it, sewed close and top stitched all the way around. That's it, done!

His little boo bear blends right in.

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