Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My first created dress

Ok, here is my first all original creation. I actually figured out what I wanted to do myself. Usually I get my ideas from clothes I like, from something I want but can't find in the store and mostly from other more wonderful blogs. But I learned how to sheer/smock material and came up with this dress. It took 3 times to perfect it.

This first picture is my second attempt. The first dress, I cut the dress pieces straight down. I didn't like the straight look because there wasn't a ton of gathering in it, so I cut this one at an angle but still gave it some gathering.
 Her 4th of July dress is my 3rd attempt. I was happiest with that one.

I know the pictures are a bit blurry. These were taken with my phone and I don't have a picture of my little girl wearing it. I'll have to get one and add that.

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