Friday, May 13, 2011


Well, it turns out 2 of our chickens were roosters. It started last weekend, Mr. C thought he heard the singing of a rooster at 6 am. I slept right through it and couldn't understand how he "thought" it was a rooster. You either hear a bock or a cock-a-doodle-doo. 2 days later I heard it, it was definitely a rooster. Mr. C went out there to see who it was and the little boogers were in the roost. Couldn't see them. Yesterday, I snuck up on them, peaked through the hole at the top and saw 2 singing. BUMMER! We started with 4 and now were down to 1. Our white one got taken away by a Red Tailed Hawk.

I called the very nice lady we got the chickens from and she said to bring them back and get new. Today we went with 2 roosters and came back with 5 more chickens! Don't we have such a pretty flock?

Too bad it wasn't just that easy to get them in the coop. I had the carrier outside the coop waiting for little C to go potty. L comes out and opens the door when my back is turned. I hear, "Mommy, L let the chickens out!" WHAT?! I look and 3 chickens are scattering all over. We not have a nice enclosed small yard. We live on about an acre of land. This was not an easy task getting them back in.

I'm trying to gather them into one area barking orders at the kids to help me and get their dad. Finally they come walking over as I'm yelling, "Did you tell daddy the chickens are out?"
C responds, "Yes."
Me as I've got my arms spread bending over trying to heard in the chickens: "Where is he?"
C says calmly, "Over there."
Me: "Over where? Outside?"
C: "Yes"
Me: "Did you tell him to come?... Then I yell at the top of my longs his name!

So, Mr C comes over asking what happened before he jumps into action. Like we really have time for the discussion of what actually happened! The point is I need help or we are going to loose 3 of our new chickens that don't know where their home is and who are running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

Eventually it becomes me chasing down the chickens. I thought that I could just chase them right into the coop so I asked little C to go to the door and open it. By open it I meant wait there and open when it's time. I guess I should have been a little more clear to a 5 year old because I see Robin running out of the coop! Oh my goodness! Luckily, Robin is our only original chicken left and she knows where her home is. She also knows what corn is when I toss it at her. The new ones just ran further away. We got Robin back in the coop pretty quickly then I was off to capture the others.

Finally, after running all over the place, get to where I can grab one, she is kind of cornered. I step, reach and go tumbling down! I get back up and I'm not sure if she is looking at me because I looked crazy or she is confused by what just happened. But, she is still there a just bit further, so I quickly step a little closer to reach again, but my foot landed on a fallen orange from the tree and slid all the way till I was down in the splits and the chicken was gone. That was this girl that looks like she has a hat.

I did eventually manage to get her. Yes, it was me that grabbed her and all the rest while Mr. C was doing some chasing or blocking and laughing. Little C and Mr. C named her Alice.

This pretty girl, well hopefully girl, is Daisy (my name choice). She is one that got out. I got her just as she ran out from under the trailer. Mr. C scared her out from the other side and I grabbed. She got out of my hands, but I grabbed again. She is a beauty!

This little one here is Snowy. Little C said the white on the tips of her feathers looks like snow so he wanted to call her Snowy.

The last one we caught was Honey II. One of our Roosters we named Honey because of her honey color. She is a honey colored frizzle like the chicken above. I didn't get a good picture of her because she kept hiding behind the others. But she was the most wild. I tried to get her over to the coop in the beginning, but she just ran to the other side of the house on top of the wall that has a huge drop on the other side. I was worried she'd go down there, so I left her alone to calm down. After the first 2 were in, we went and found her at the other side of the house waiting to go in. Mr. C suggested we let her in, then it might be easier to catch her... Yeah, right! and get poop all over my house?! I don't think so.

She was running and flying all around and she flew right in-between our back door and laundry room door. HA! Trapped, cornered. I grabbed and put her in the coop. I was pooped after that. There was my cardio for the day.

Now that we have 6 chickens that are safely in their coop, no broken bones on my end, hopefully we will have some eggs and no roosters. Those chickens are not getting let out for at least a month now.


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  1. That's so funny! I wish we could have chickens but I don't think we have the resources to build a winter-proof coop for them (because it snows where we live). For some reason I could totally picture you chasing the chickens and yelling at your hubby, I love it!