Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tank Top

I've got my sew back! I haven't sewed in a while because of the poison oak and then just trying to get stuff done around here. I've had a couple things that I wanted to get done, some I'm still not ready to sew and others I just got too excited about to wait.

Anyway, this is what gave me my sew back.

Yes, I think I have a slight tank top addiction. I can wear them every day. More then half the clothes in my closet are tanks. 

Naturally, when I tried on this tank and loved the fit, I knew I had to make more... many, many more. I also knew I had fabric at home just waiting to be cut and sewed into this tank.

Yes, that is my new lovely label. Now, here is my new lovely tank...

I have another idea for a new tank using a slight change to this pattern that I can't wait to try and I hope it turns out. I will be showing you soon.

Ooh, I almost forgot to tell you. The shirt I bought was $7.95, the fabric I used to make the new one with was $2 and I have a ton left to make something else. So, I got 2 perfect tops for $9.95.


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  1. the fabric is great! nice job.

  2. Once again, you stole my heart. I am a tank lover too. I'm so jealous of all your sewing projects. One of these days I am going to get it together and start sewing again, I miss it so much. Love to see all that your doing though. You keep inspiring me.

  3. That turned out amazing, I love the fabric! Great labels too.

  4. cool! how exactly did you sew the fabric on though?

  5. hi, do you have instructions on how to make it?!

  6. I too was looking for the instructions, as I am a tank girl too, with a zillion block tshirts that i won't wear. Help. and Thanks.