Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Totally Creative

Sometimes little C amazes me with his creativity. This may sound silly, but I really don't think of myself as creative. I have to get my ideas from somewhere. I love sewing so much because I like to figure out how to make a pattern and fit the pieces together to make clothes. I love looking at clothes from the store and figuring out how I can make my own. So, you see, my type of sewing is more mechanical then creative. I've always had a mechanical mind and I have always wished I was more creative. When I had kids I wanted to make sure they had to use their brains to come up with ideas on their own, something I was horrible at. One of the ways I try to do that is by not allowing more then 1.5 hours of TV per week and no TV before 2 years old. The other thing we do is read books like crazy. Even chapter books. I'm not sure if this helps or if for some people it's just natural to be creative. Mr. C is pretty creative, maybe that's just where little C gets it. Anyhow, whatever the reason C seems to be pretty creative.

Here is why I'm writing about C's creativity. C got home from school to find a box lying on the ground. Immediately he went to get some toilet paper roles and other "supplies" then set out to make a race car. He spend most of his quiet time almost 2 hours on this little race car.

Here is the back with 2 exhaust pipes. Notice all the tape? We go through a LOT of tape around here. I am always finding it things taped together. Rope or string is something else I find a lot of. Right now we have pulleys all over the work out bench holding bears up. It looks pretty morbid, but C doesn't get why that would be.

Here is the side, you can see the wheels at the bottom.

The front with the yellow lines as the lights.

Now the inside, see the green bench seat?

Little C was very proud of this race car. It sat in the house for days just for him to look at, not play with.

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