Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Adding Curtain Black-Out

It seems like those store bought curtains never do their job at keeping the light out. They can be so cute and go perfectly with the decor that you just have to get them though. So, my solution is to buy black-out backing and sew it on yourself. Here are some before and after pictures and a little tutorial.

Before you can see the light streaming though. You can even see the lines on the window.

To give the full effect, here is an after without the flash. No more light coming through. Now baby can sleep like it's night at nap time.

To do this, it's basic seam ripping and sewing a straight line. You will need:

1. A seam ripper
2. Scissors
3. Black-out backing
4. Matching thread to the curtains
5. An Iron

First, iron the backing and curtains.

Now, rip the stitching along the fold edge of the curtains.

Next, lay out the backing, wrong side down. (I always use this Roc-Lon Blackout Budget Drapery Lining. It is also heat blocking.) Then the curtain on top, right side down. Cut out the backing the size of the curtain. Now switch their places, curtain is on the grown first, right side still down. Lay the cut backing on top wrong side down. (Wrong sides are together.) Now slip the edge inside that original fold where you ripped the seam. Pin it a ton!

Now, just sew where the original stitching was all the way around the curtains.

You are done! See before again...

Even with the window open you can see lots of light shining through the curtains. 

Now lets look at the after again. Without flash is first to give you the full effect. No light!

Now with the flash, you can't see the window through the curtains anymore.

Even with them open, it makes a huge difference.

I hope this inspires you to upgrade your curtains and help your house be greener by keeping the sun out on hot days.

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  1. nice job! it looks great. We are about to put some black out curtains in our living room. They'll stay open most of the time, but occasionally, we want it dark for a movie in the summer time!

  2. Oh yes! We want our babies to sleep as much as they should so we can go about our merry ways of doing the household chores :) Here's my response to your comment in my Q&A Tuesday post: You are welcome :) I'm happy to be of help. I was meaning to email you the link yesterday but got sidetracked. I'm happy you saw the post.

  3. I did this for my son's room too. Except I couldn't find the right curtains so I used a shower curtain-cut it in 1/2 and added some black out curtain. I guess I cheated and just sewed around on top of the original stitching. It was faster and being as my son was 6 months old and I was just finishing his room it worked. :) Great tutorial though.