Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We had a small problem yesterday afternoon. Well, I guess it would have only been a problem if we didn't catch it right away. When Mr. C left for work, he texted to let me know we had bee's again. So, I called the bee guy that removed the bee's before for us. The bee guy was kind enough to come and remove them again. Yes, "the bee guy" does have a name, but I only got permission to post the pictures, no other info on him. 

Here is a picture of the massive bundle of bee's. It's crazy!

To remove the bee's he had to smoke them to calm them and suit up.

C and L were very excited to watch all the bee excitement.

The bee guy is going to swipe the bee's into the box. When he came before, he didn't have the suit with him. He had to do it in regular clothes! Now that is a dedicated bee lover.

Swiping them out. Ew! It looked gross.

He is showing us how the bee's on the edge of the box are flapping their wings really fast to release the pheromones to let the other bee's know that the queen is in the box. Pretty cool!

Here is a closer picture. You can see the bee's on the edge, but not the flapping wings.

Now that he is all done, this little box is going to ride home with him. He said they won't sting in the car if there are any loose. They get confused because they navigate by the sun and since he is driving, the sun is always moving. The bee's are just trying to get out. Again, I have to say, pretty cool! Cause I thought it was.

Look, we got fresh honey from the bee guy. C is very excited. We go through a lot of honey around here.

Here is another bee or actually honey fact. If you have allergies, you should eat a teaspoon of LOCAL honey a day. It builds your body's immunity to those pollens. Again, pretty cool! I don't like it, but I can bear it in tea. So I will be eating honey.

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  1. I love that L's carrying her baby in a little moby wrap =)