Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby Washcloths

Remember my lovely friend that gave me the lovely sewing desk? Well, she had her baby 2 weeks early! Yes, I say this with an ! because I didn't have her little welcome baby gift ready. I thought I for sure had 12 days since her previous two were a day and 2 days early. Well, now instead of showing you all how to make sleeves, I had to use my sewing time I barley got this week to finish her welcome baby gift.

I got this idea from another blog that I can't seem to find now. I looked it up on the internet to try to give credit and found tons of blogs with the same idea. I love this little gift because I remember trying to wash my kids with tiny, thin, cheap washcloths and they just fell into a little ball in my hand. They just didn't work too well. So, I went to Ross (I always go there BEFORE Babies-r-us because they are way cheaper) for some wash cloths. I found a 24 pack for about $3. PERFECT! Then I got a few remnents of flannel from JoAnns, I am seriously lacking in my boy flannel right now, so I had to buy. Anyway, this is what I came up with...

The wash really did a number on this flannel! ALWAYS was your fabric before you sew. I have made cute tops before only to wear them one time. It really stinks when you put all that hard work into something that shrinks and/or changes shape. Anyway, this is nothing a little ironing can't fix.

I just put the washcloths upside down on top of the right side of the fleece, pinned it and cut it. Ready to sew. That easy!!

I think I've mentioned before, sewing squares is my least favorite thing to sew. But when you cut it all at once then streamline your sewing it goes so fast. 10 washcloths in about an hour. Not so bad.

Here are the different patterns I made and the different backings.

All done! I hope you are inspired to hand make a gift today.

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