Friday, March 18, 2011

Bell Peppers!

Finally! We get to plant our spring garden, although, spring doesn't officially start till March 20th. The "Monster Pepper and Tomato sale was going on at Cal State's Arboretum. Peppers (crunchies) are a favorite around here so C was very excited to pick out what he wanted. Anyway, remember that planter box we made? Well, now we get to fill it.

C did most of the digging, I just put the plants in.

Digging the hole...

Checking the fit...


Time to water...

Oops, I deleted the good picture.

We have tangerine pimentos, heart shaped pimentos, small red and yellow chrunchies (very sweet) king red, big orange and yellow and a couple disease resistant hybrid varieties. 13 in all.

I hope this inspires you to garden and eat lots of veggies.

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