Monday, March 21, 2011

Cheaply Green

We have been "Going Green" since before that phrase was... well a phrase. I think it started way back when we were dating and would go backpacking almost 15 years ago. Being that close to nature, especially nature that is very limited in it's visitors makes you see how important it is to preserve it. It is so magnificent! Really, there just aren't words to describe what the Earth has to offer. Anyway, once we started consciously caring it was one thing leading to another. So, for you I have compiled this list of things you can do to Cheaply Go Green...

1. Throw Trash in it's proper place.

2. Change the way you grocery shop - Don't buy packaged foods. You will have less waist, it's healthier and cheaper.

3. Take the trash out only every other week. Every 3 or 4 weeks if you can. But this will help you to be conscious of what you are throwing away.

4. Don't use paper towels.

5. Change your light bulbs. - LED are the best, but still pretty expensive. If you can't afford that, do those spiral ones, I think they are called incandescent.

6. Unplug - What ever you are not using that does not need to be on. Kitchen appliances are great. You can even put them away if you are not using them, who needs toast anyway. It's not really all that healthy.

7. Buy non-battery operated toys. For birthdays when people ask what your kids want, tell them nothing that requires batteries, please.

8. Plant a garden. It's easier then you think. You can start with just one item a season, perfect it and add on. Or go bold and start with every veggie you like to eat.

9. Raise chickens for eggs - they are healthier, cute pets and you will make less of a carbon foot print.

10. Use your blinds - Close them when it's cold out and the sun is down. Open them for the sun to heat up the house on a cool day and close them when it is hot outside.

11. Compost - especially if you have a garden! Don't ever use peat moss, it is not sustainable. Peat lowers CO2 in the environment but when it is taken from the wetland for your garden it creates a loss of this wet land.

12. Walk or bike when you can.

13. Limit your TV hours - give up one show a month. You will see how much more productive you are after a few months and save money on your electric bill.

14. Thrift Shop - it's fun and saves resources. You can refashion clothes you find or refinish old furniture or you might just get an amazing deal on something you really like. I got my favorite hoodie for $2.

15. Use snack packs and reusable lunch bags. (Tutorial coming soon!)

So there you have it, 15 ways to be cheap and green. Who says it's too expensive to be healthy or green?! By the way, going green is GREAT for your healthy also.

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