Saturday, March 19, 2011


We are at a weird point in our garden. We had some hot spells that ruined the broccoli and lettuce and it was too soon to start planting spring stuff. But, our carrots have been growing quite nicely for a while. I had a little trouble with the carrots to begin with this year, but they finally took off.

Here is some of what I dug up today.

Before I brought them in, I had to wash the mud off, then I scrubbed them in the sink.

We planted such a variety, round ones, purple and white ones, long, skinny ones and short, fat ones.

Problem is, I don't know where in the garden each kind are until I dig them up. We tried to plant a nice little row. We kept them watered and even put a plastic tunnel over them because they weren't sprouting. After about a month we gave up and took the cover off. Soon later, we had about a week of rain. After the rain I noticed carrots popping up everywhere. Not just in the row, but on the side of it. Mr. C was convinced it was weeds. I had to sacrifice one by pulling it and having him smell the tiny root to get him to believe me they were indeed carrots. We did have some wind before the rain, so that's how the seeds got scattered. But, I realized the rain is what I needed for the carrots to finally sprout. So every time it would rain I would sprinkle carrot seeds out. The wind sometimes would scatter them, but I sure have a lot of carrots, about 4 full seed packages. It's funny how people think I am so good at gardening. Ha! I just went out the morning it started raining and sprinkled seeds. That's it.

I would take a picture of our beautiful row, but unfortunately I did the same thing with the alfalfa sprouts. They are now growing wild, so you can't see the carrots till you dig through the sprouts. The sprouts are excellent for the soil though.

I have never had or seen a purple carrot before. When I cut into it and was surprised to see that it is deep orange inside.

Here is our bowl full of carrots soaking in water to keep them crisp. You can kind of see the fat round one on the bottom right of the picture.

Happy harvesting!

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  1. Lol, what great planting advice!!!! I planted carrots last year and then neglected the garden terribly. When I finally pulled the carrots I ended up giving them to the rabbits....but they loved them, greens and all. Very happy rabbits :-)