Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I love baskets! 

They are perfect to store things in while looking nice, neat and cute. I could use them for everything. When Mr. C made my craft shelf, I wanted baskets to organize everything. But, since we are on a budge I couldn't just go out and buy them so I had to make them. Also, I do like everything in my craft area to be made or reused.

So here are a few pictures of what I did...

The newspaper basket I lined with fabric because I didn't want the newsprint to make the ribbon dirty.

Homemade baskets are perfect because you can make them the exact size you want. I think it's time to make a separate one for my homemade patterns. This basket is getting pretty full.

We have a 2 bedroom house, so my craft shelf is in our room and my sewing desk is in the living room. Up until a week ago, it was on the fire place and I sat right down there on the floor to sew using my knee on the presser foot. It worked for me, but it wasn't very sightly when people came over having all my sewing stuff on the hearth. I have a wonderful friend that was getting rid of a desk, so here is what I put inside my sewing desk shelves. It's the stuff I use most often when sewing, or projects I need to get to.

Here is my entryway basket, it was made from scraps of fabric. I love the way it turned out, it's imperfections and all.

For this basket, I just braided my strips of scraps, wound it and zig zagged sewed on the machine. When I get enough scraps again, I will do a tutorial for this. My sister actually wants one for her house. Usually people hand sew these together, but little old me hates hand sewing anything. I will avoid it at all costs. Well, almost all, I'm not actually going to ruin a project.

These two are just weaved with some ribbon added to make them cute. One is newspaper and the other is magazine. Magazines are cool cause if you want, you can pick out pictures with specific colors in them. It looks really nice like that.

This basket was made from some paper scraps we got from the bamboo shop we bought the bamboo at for my craft shelf. They gave it to us for free.

I used the wider pieces to weave the individual shelves on my craft shelf. That was a pain, tore my hands apart, but I love the way it turned out. Now you need a picture of this also. This view is from the bottom of the top shelf.

With the bottom paper stuff in the basket above, I made a trash can for the craft room. Very imperfect as well. So imperfect it's kind of sad looking.

Well, there are my baskets, I hope you are inspired to organize as green as you can. :-)

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  1. Love all your baskets! I store in baskets too but mine are cheapies from Walmart. It is so cool to watch the basket weavers at Silver Dollar City. I'm going to give it a go when you get a tutorial up!

  2. I have lots of baskets too but from the thrift store.....I gotta know, how did you machine sew that braided basket without breaking your needle??

  3. I LOVE the fabric scraps one. I must do that! What a great use of scraps!

  4. Hi, Kristen! Thank you for joining in the Swap Followings Linky Party and making the blog party a success :) Hope you'll link in again next month. I love how unique this basket turned out. You're full of creativity, girl!

  5. love them! The braided basket is something I totally forgot about,probably going to have to try one, my scrap bins are over flowing! Stop by sometime, domesticdeadline.blogspot.com

  6. I love baskets too! I took a fabric basket class before. These are great.