Friday, April 1, 2011

Bringing Home the Chickens

We got them! Our chickens. I have waited so long for this. We are so excited. They should start laying eggs in a few months. Hopefully they are all hens, no roosters.

Here we are getting ready for the little hens... Hopefully, hens.

Here are their baskets.

Little C and Mr. C are filling the water.

L is watching, waiting for the chickens to come out.

Here they come!

C is eager to hold one.

He is so gentle with them.

L thought she was ready, but changed her mind.

Aren't they cute? We wanted all different. they two on the left are sisters and the two on the right are sisters a little bit younger.

Ah-Oh, one got stuck. We need to get a string for that latch. I don't want to be locked in with the kids when we are the only ones home.

Now can we call our home a farm?

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