Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hobo Sac's

More Hobo Sac's! Yep, the same pattern I got from Made. Last week I mentioned that C loved the homemade present we gave to a friend so much that he said it was the best present we ever gave. He loved it all, well all but the skirt. He has been asking me to make him a sac ever since. We had another friend that had a birthday and I knew she would love the make-up so we made her some of that and C was telling me I needed to make her a sac also. So I made her a sac and he kept asking when I could do his. Of course I had to make his right after. I just couldn't not do it. You know when they are so sweet asking you to make something that they absolutely love, how could you say no?

Here are the 2 new sac's. Now I just need to do one for L. She waiting so nicely for her Hobo Sac.

C wanted the this fabric that I made his cape out of for L's birthday party. I messed up on cutting the capes I made so I had weird pieces of scraps left. So I had to piece it together to get enough fabric. Can you see that little seam hiding behind the pocket? That's why I added this little extra pocket, to hide that little seam. I knew Cole wouldn't mind because he LOVES pockets. He had it full inside and out within 5 minutes of me giving him the sac.

Here is the birthday sac. I do have to say, I love giving a present in the Hobo Sac, there is no waist. No trash from the wrapping and it's SO cute! Yes, we had to do the make-up again. I just love that stuff. It was funny, the mom was a little nervous when she saw it thinking she was going to really have to regulate the use of it. Then I told her to feel it. That's when she realized it wasn't real. She was very happy and so was her daughter.

Another way to not waist any part of the present, I buy a book instead of a card and write a happy birthday note on the book or an index card and tape it to the book. Card's get trashed, books get loved.

One more picture of C's sac. He just loves it.

These are just so much fun and so quick and easy to make. I have said that I don't like making the same thing twice because I get board, but these are just too easy.

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