Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer Dress

Yea! I manage to do some sewing yesterday. It was nice! Sunday night was my first night of real sleep since the Poison Oak thing started. Last night I was back to no sleep. I thought I could do it with out benadryl but. I was wrong! I ended up taking it along with a scalding shower at 2 am. Now, onto sewing.

Remember this?

Well, I had a lot of extra fabric to do something with. I thought a little smocked dress would be cute for the little sister of the boy who goes in that baby carrier. Here is what I cut for my dress.

I didn't have much fabric to make the skirt very twirly, but this worked. I cut the top and bottom separate because I wanted to do the slashing thing I told you about before. Basically, I took this, sewed the top right sides together, the skirt right sides together, then the top and bottom together. I finished all the hems and seams nicely, added straps and did the smocking last.

Here is what it turned out like. It's a bit big for L, but I did it to the measurements to her little girl that is older and taller.

I made the back with button holes and the straps long enough to be crisscrossed. Hopefully I can get a picture of her little girl wearing the dress so you can see it all filled out.

I was good to be sewing again!


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  1. This is so cute, I love it! What a perfect summer dress.

  2. This is so cute! I need to figure out how to make one for my daughter. ;)